How to Ditch Apple Completely


I’ve seen lots of articles that describe how to move from Windows to Mac or Android to iPhone. Since they are usually not directly dependant or interconnected, it’s usually straightforward. Going the other way is not. Apple has interconnected everything so if you have a Mac and an iPhone you’re also using iCloud. That’s why we talk about the Apple Ecosystem.

Now I’m not suggesting that anyone actually switch. And I’m certainly not switching for the foreseeable future, but it’s nice to have a guide to do that switching. As this guide shows, it’s not simple. It may make you think twice before switching. At a minimum, it’s a good indicator of how tied to the Apple Ecosystem some of us are.




Bólido was intended to be bold and out of step. Adding a second rotative axis not only tilts the face of the watch to facilitate time-reading in situations like car-driving, etc., it also increases the case height at the top of the dial to allow the integration of a large winding crown in an unusual but well protected position… More here.

That is a stunningly crisp design.

the joy of text and todo

Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at 19.59.56.png

My current favorite equivalent of Notepad.exe is Simplenote – it is cloud based but beautifully minimalist, I run the native app on iOS and MacOS (and can get to a webpage with all my info when on someone else’s computer.) I love how it makes the first line of text the defacto title (a trick PalmPilots used) and how it never tries to duplicate the font and color of stuff pasted into it (those are two things that its competitor Evernote gets wrong – plus Simplenote never begs me to upgrade.) Also I periodically get Simplenote to let me download a zipfile, my complete archive that I can backup safely, on my own terms… More at Kirk’s UI Dev Blog.

Good stuff as ever from Kirk.

Wileyfox Spark + Add-X: £69.99


Pay for a chunk of your Wileyfox Spark + Add-X with lockscreen offers and ads.

On your lockscreen, simply swipe right to unlock your phone and swipe left to discover more.

Offers and ads appear on the phone’s lockscreen while providing full access to personal notifications.

Engaging with targeted super content from some of the best known brands has never been easier! More at Amazon.

I couldn’t do it personally as the mobile experience needs to be 100% personal for me. Also not sure how long this will be allowed.



Many people try to play sheet music on the piano, but what about trying to play a drawing on the piano? The idea seems bizarre at first, but it’s central to a movement that began in the 1950s, where composers created “graphic scores” instead of typical sheet music. These graphic musical scores attempt to represent the music with visual symbols that are foreign to traditional Western notation. Above, we see John De Cesare’s graphic interpretation of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony. The piece is striking and colorful, created with colored pencil and graphite on cream-colored paper… More at Cooper Hewitt.

This may not mean much to you, but it is striking.

Apple Anniversary Skins


Celebrate ten years of beautifully elegant Apple design. You can now protect your iPhone X or any other iPhone going back to the 5 with the Anniversary Skin from Slickwraps. Constructed of two individual pieces, you will receive a black bottom and silver top piece to give your new device a classic look… More at SlickWraps.

I like these.

Amazon Prime comes to Apple TV, a little too late


As announced in the Amazon Prime Video iOS app release notes, the Apple TV Amazon Prime Video app is now rolling out. The release notes say users have to download a separate tvOS app, which apparently will work on the third-generation Apple TV as well… More here.

I was looking forward to this and then we made the error of buying a bigger smart TV from Samsung. The way it integrates Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube and so much more highlights just how far behind Apple TV is for the price. Mine hasn’t been plugged in for months.