FlipbooKit: lost for words


We’ve built a mechanized device that reaches into the past to find wisdom. Just think of a question, push the button, and the fluttering pages will help guide you. Each card has a selected set of phrases written by luminaries in science fiction such as H.G. Wells, Jules Verne, and Edgar Alan Poe. You can also personalize ORACLE with your own words or movie! There are many incarnations of this all wise Oracle… More at kickstarter.

I am lost for words because it has almost reached its funding goal. To be fair, the idea is impressive and so is the way it works, but don’t put it in a hat!

Texas Teacher Gives ‘Most Likely To Become A Terrorist’ Award


A Texas middle school principal plans to launch an investigation after a 7th-grade student was named “most likely to become a terrorist” in a mock award ceremony

“I was shocked,” Lizeth Villanueva, a 13-year-old student at Anthony Aguirre Junior High in Houston, told Click2Houston. “[The teacher] said, ‘Most likely to become a terrorist,’ and she said my name, and she gave me this.”

Lizeth received the award in an advanced learning program that’s supposed to help kids prepare for college. The teacher, who was not named, told the students the award was supposed to be funny, but Lizeth’s not laughing… More at Huffpost.

I can understand why she is not laughing.

Using wireless headphones and charging your iPhone on a plane


Here is a Twitter conversation from a few people you may know about using wireless headphones on a plane when you should not be doing so, and in particular when you need to keep your iPhone charged on a long flight and are using the lightning adaptor thingy.

This is the only instance in which it can prove troublesome and the image above from Leon highlights the problem of using third party adaptors.

So, what’s the best solution you have found?

A Year Of Google & Apple Maps


Coincidence or not, it was interesting. And it made me wonder what else would change, if we kept watching. Would Google keep adding detail? And would Apple, like Google, also start making changes?

So I wrote a script that takes monthly screenshots of Google and Apple Maps.1 And thirteen months later, we now have a year’s worth of images… More at Justin O’Beirne.

Some serious dedication has been put into this.

The Thieves Who Steal Sunken Warships


The team’s search for other battle casualties in the area was no less haunting. USS Perch, a 300-foot-long American submarine, was gone. So were two British ships—the 329-foot HMS Encounter and the 574-foot Exeter. Another, the 329-foot HMS Electra, had been gutted. A huge section of the Kortenaer, another 322-foot Dutch warship, was also missing. Seven ships in all—either lost without a trace or grossly scavenged. An eighth, the USS Houston, was mostly intact, but it was clear pirates had begun gutting it as well… More at Outside.

Worth a read today if you have the time.