Being a fanboy creeps up on you

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When someone jokingly called me an Apple fanboy earlier this week I thought again about the number of Apple products in our house. For a moment, I then thought they may be right-

My son: iPhone 6s

My daughter: iPad mini 2, iPhone 5s

My wife: iPad Air, iPhone 6s, Apple Watch series 1

Me: iPhone 7, iPad Pro 9.7”, iMac, MacBook, Apple Watch series 2, BeatsX headphones

Joint: Apple TV

13 products by one company in a house is a lot and lets face it, none of these products are cheap.

I don’t personally feel that I am a fanboy because I don’t get particularly excited when I buy Apple kit these days and I never buy products unless there is a use for them.

Loyalty is strong I admit, but that comes from experience. The longevity of the products, the built quality, the reliability and the customer service are all important parts of any products and I struggle to see the likes of Samsung, HP and the rest coming close in every area, if any.

I buy what feels like good value to me and I like to use products for long periods if I can. If that makes me a fanboy then so be it. I won’t listen anyway.

The Samsung Galaxy Folder 2


Available in South Korea, Samsung positions the device as providing the intuitiveness of flip phones, but with smartphone features.

The former is achieved by a large keypad, with separate shortcut buttons for contacts, texting, social, and camera next to the D-pad. Just above are the familiar Android navigation bar buttons, but in physical form. Other design flourishes include a smooth front and rear, as well as a soft touch material that provides “excellent grip.” More at 9to5Google.

Gorgeous design.

The RePhone Kit


The RePhone Kit comes with a square, rather small touchscreen, giving it the impression of a watch. A paper cutout that comes along with the kit can be folded to incorporate the gadgetry on the inside to give you a rather rustic looking but pretty capable self-built smartphone. However, a better idea would be to 3D print your own housing to not just add a personalized touch to it, but make it look more finished. Hey, or add straps to your device and wear it like a smartwatch that you made for yourself! More at YD.

Unusual idea. It just may work.

Inside Travis Kalanick’s Resignation


Mr. Kalanick balked, according to people briefed on the meeting who asked to remain anonymous because the details are confidential. Mr. Kalanick, who had built Uber into a transportation behemoth in just eight years, quickly called Arianna Huffington, an Uber board member, for advice. Ms. Huffington told Mr. Kalanick that the suggestions in the letter were worth considering. That afternoon, Mr. Kalanick locked himself in a room with Mr. Cohler and Mr. Fenton to hash out the best course for Uber… More at NYT.

A must read, it really is.

Internet Atheism


Like the majority of young people who grew up in religious environments – particularly those from non-Christian backgrounds – my first interaction with atheism was also my first meaningful engagement with the internet. In these atheist forums I found a race and class-blind safe space, one in which I could express a private contempt for the theological doctrine I had been forced to study during my years in religious school. Indeed, in those atheist communities on the now defunct, eBaum’s World and, eventually, the darker corners of Myspace, I found a community in which I could reject the identity I was born into, and instead forge a new one on my own terms… More at Vice.

Possibly worth a read depending on your view point.