SEQUENT has not only solved a major problem of the smart watch industry, which suffers from insufficient battery supply for its devices, but it also generates 100% clean energy. The watch features the newest generation of Heart Rate sensor, GPS tracking and notification system, which can connect by Bluetooth to our proprietary Biofeedback health & sport app.

It has done very well on kickstarter so far and the idea makes perfect sense, if it is actually able to produce the required power to run a heart rate sensor etc.

If a product like this could just hit the market with the required investment behind it, the chances of success would be greatly increased. The whole kickstarter style of getting products off the ground still doesn’t sit easy with me.

I’m using a touchscreen MacBook Air


I used a touchscreen MacBook Air to write this column.

No, you didn’t misread the previous sentence. Nor did you overlook a new product announcement from Apple, which despite all the company has done to popularize multi-touch on the iPhone and iPad, has long resisted the urge to put touch screens on its Macintosh computers… More at USA Today.

Not sure if this is a good idea or not. Guess it will all be down to how well it works.

10 additions coming to Disney parks


Whether you’re a Star Wars fan, a Marvel aficionado, or a Mickey and Minnie purist, Disney Parks and Resorts has just announced new rides, hotels, and attractions that are sure to make your mouse ears perk up. Here are 10 of the most exciting changes announced over the weekend at D23 Expo… More at MF.

There are some rides and areas in Disney parks that need updating, but it is still a wonderful experience if you have children.

A plug and play getaway


Everything you see is Vipp. And it is all inclusive. The Vipp shelter is delivered fully equipped for a complete design experience and an easy escape. There is no evident link between a pedal bin, a kitchen, and a shelter, but enter the shelter and the philosophy of one, long-lasting, functional tool per category is embodied in every item you see… More at Vipp.

Stunning, which you would expect from Vipp, and only $585,000 to you.

Photobucket- one to avoid?


It all began last week when Photobucket announced in a short blog post that it had updated its terms of service that had begun taking effect from June 20th. Nowhere in the blog post did Photobucket highlight the most important change, which was that it will now cost uploaders $400 a year to insert their photos on another website using direct image links… More at The Verge.

I am very late to this one, but it sure does look like Photobucket is in trouble. Why else would you start acting like scumbags?

Stop quitting apps

File 20-07-2017, 18 40 53

In fact, apps frozen in the background on iOS unfreeze so quickly that I think it actually helps perpetuate the myth that you should force quit them: if you’re worried that background apps are draining your battery and you see how quickly they load from the background, it’s a reasonable assumption to believe that they never stopped running. But they do. They really do get frozen, the RAM they were using really does get reclaimed by the system, and they really do unfreeze and come back to life that quickly… More at DF.

Good advice from Mr Gruber.