Logically, the iPhone 8 is better than the iPhone X

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If I ignore the cost of the iPhone X and the silly talk about how it is soooooooo expensive, I come to the logical conclusion that the iPhone 8 would be a better phone for me. When people talk about the cost of the iPhone X, they ignore the cost of the iPhone 7 as it is now and the iPhone 8 which is not a million miles away.

The iPhone X will win no matter what logic dictates because it is new and different, at least compared to each flagship iPhone from the 6 onwards. It does not offer anything special compared to the latest Android phones with regards to the screen, but Face ID and the other gimmicks will kick it out of the door in exchange for the cost of an older car that will still be fairly reliable.

Everything about the iPhone X suggests to me that I do not need it and in the real world I do not need an iPhone 8 either. The 8 is too close to my 7 and the X is a phone with a bigger screen and no Touch ID. I think about it and wonder what on earth drives more sales every single year for devices that are not tangibly better. In my previous article, I explained why people will spend the money and why it will sell and I stand by that, but just maybe I am getting old and cannot quite see the benefits of the X adding up to the extra cost. I realise that this article is an about-turn, but there are always two sides in any decision.

If I took that further, however, I would still be using an iPhone 6 and it would be fine for everyday use so I am not exactly heading my own words.

I would miss TouchID, even if Face ID is brilliant, and the home button could be a hard thing to lose. It is so embedded in how I use my phone that some time may be needed to move away from it.

If freelance work comes from buying an iPhone X I can justify the cost because it will pay for itself, but without that I don’t think the allure of the iPhone X is compelling enough to make me upgrade.

The Apple Positive Review Club

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But it’s worth noting that it’s just as instructive to compare the iPhones 8 to the iPhone X as it is to compare them to the iPhones 7. The iPhone X certainly has much to offer: the edge-to-edge 5.8-inch OLED display, the form factor that’s easier to hold and pocket than the Plus, the front-facing sensor array for Face ID and depth mapping with the front-facing camera, and an even better camera system on the back (with optical image stabilization for both lenses — the iPhone 8 Plus only has OIS for the wide angle lens). But the A11 chip (including the improved image processing that I described above), inductive charging, True Tone — all of these things in the iPhone X are also in both iPhone 8 models… More at DF.

There are certain websites and publications that get an Apple product to review when applicable. The reviews are all published to a specific timeline, they are always considered and at times appear to be leaning on the positive with only a nod to criticism thrown in to offer a sense of balance.

Far be it from me to suggest that the entire setup has become so pointless that to even read the reviews would be to buy in to the ‘club’, but seriously it is getting worse each year.

Is Apple perfect? Not by a long shot.

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It just works. As Apple users, we get so used to that saying that when something doesn’t work, we’re shocked, annoyed, pissed, etc. because our world has been shaken.

I use Windows 10 in Bootcamp to play games that I can’t get under MacOS. I usually boot into Windows a couple of times a day. At least 2 or 3 times a week, it freezes. Not when it’s booting, but when it’s loading startup applications or the first application I start. I have to reach around the back of my iMac and press the power button to power off and then again to restart. I’m annoyed when this happens, but I know that it happens and after all, it’s Windows. If that was my Mac, I’d be tearing my hair out, and likely reinstalling everything.

Generally, Apple is very smart regarding feature management. I learned a long time ago when I was in software development, that it’s very difficult to take something away once given, so you’d better make sure it’s right. Apple does a pretty good job of making sure it’s right. Many of the little advances in iOS that people say should have been there from the start, were added once they were sure it was what they wanted.

Is Apple perfect? Not by a long shot. But then few, if any, things are. And they’re better at what they do than anyone else. At least in my opinion and experience.


In 1999, Samsung made a watch that could make calls

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Inspired by wrist-worn communication devices seen in sci-fi flicks, Samsung announced the SPH-WP10 in 1999. At the time, this was the smallest and lightest “wireless terminal” ever produced, and its design truly reminisced of something pulled out of Star Trek. By today’s smartwatch standards, however, Samsung’s watch phone was neither light, nor thin – it weighed 50 grams (1.78 ounces) and had a thickness of 2 centimeters (0.78 inches), not to mention that an antenna was sticking out of its side… More at phone arena.

So there you go.

HBQ i7 Twins True Wireless Earphones


Free yourself from wires with these convenient, high-powered Bluetooth 4.2 earphones. Made with a super lightweight design for supreme comfort, you might just forget they’re in your ears when you’re not listening to music! On the commute, at the gym, or anywhere in between, your music, podcasts, and phone calls can’t do much better than the i7 Twins… More here.

$30, noise cancelling(?) and well, $30. Possibly a good alternative if you do not want to spend AirPods cash, but possibly absolutely awful.