Stop quitting apps

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In fact, apps frozen in the background on iOS unfreeze so quickly that I think it actually helps perpetuate the myth that you should force quit them: if you’re worried that background apps are draining your battery and you see how quickly they load from the background, it’s a reasonable assumption to believe that they never stopped running. But they do. They really do get frozen, the RAM they were using really does get reclaimed by the system, and they really do unfreeze and come back to life that quickly… More at DF.

Good advice from Mr Gruber.

Oaxis Inkcase i7, 4.3″ E Ink eReader for iPhone 7


InkCase i7 is arguably the best mobile phone case ever made. It brings your iPhone 7 to life in amazingly powerful ways. Relive your best memories with the Customizable Photo Wallpaper. Immerse yourself into the story of your favorite eBooks. Live Information Center keeps you updated through the day.

Let InkCase i7 protect your phone smartly with the improved BubblePro Technology for drop-proof protection. All of these fitted in the thinnest, lightest smart case in the world. And that’s just the surface of the OAXIS InkCase… More at Amazon.

I didn’t realise this idea was still going.

The Oris Big Crown 1917 And The Staghorn


The case is completed by a screw-down steel case back with custom engraving – specifically the words ‘Limited Edition’ numbering the piece out of 1917 and the ‘OWC’ (Oris Watch Company) seal. The watch is rated to an adequate 50m of water resistance and the one concession to modernity that Oris has made is in the use of domed sapphire crystal with double anti-reflective coating. The dome of the sapphire crystal helps keep the overall look classic and true to form, right down to the distortions one finds when viewing vintage watches with domed crystals from an extreme angle… More at A Blog To Watch.

I remain unconvinced by such accurate replicas, but I do kind of like the idea.

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The program kicked off with the reveal of Oris’ commemorative Aquis— the Staghorn Restoration Limited Edition—at the Coral Restoration Foundation headquarters. For the most part, this will be familiar to fans of Oris and the Aquis line, but it bears repeating. A 43.5mm case with chunky, semi-integrated lugs, the Staghorn bears a handsome and unmistakable outline. What’s more, the short, wide lugs make the watch wear far better than the dimensions suggest: even for a guy who generally tops out at 41mm, the Staghorn was extremely comfortable and not in the least bit overwhelming… More at W&W.

I am, however, convinced by the Staghorn. I love my Oris and this is the pinnacle for me. Just superb.