TAG Heuer’s swappable timepiece?


TAG Heuer has dropped a few hints about its plans for a successor to the Connected, but the biggest news may be what it isn’t mentioning. Android Central sources claim that TAG is working on the Connected Modular, a “fully customizable” Android Wear 2.0 watch that would let you not only replace the straps, but the timepiece itself. Reportedly, you could swap in an automatic mechanical watch module on demand — say, for social occasions when you feel that a smartwatch would be too gauche. That would be far more convenient than TAG’s current strategy, which gives you the ‘privilege’ of buying a mechanical equivalent to the Connected (at the same price as your original watch) after the warranty expires… More at engadget.

I fail to see how this would be any different to swapping a watch strap or just putting on a second watch, but how about a watch with 2 faces? One side smart and the other traditional? At this moment it would be far too thick, but in the future maybe such a thing could exist to please everyone.

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