The MMT E-Strap Smart Module Watch Straps


Ostensibly, something like the MMT E-Strap allows you to wear any old watch that you want and have some smarts (the aforementioned tracking) built into the experience. This is the “best of both worlds” compromise that I would consider a logical step, and something that could actually be adopted more widely within the watch-collecting world. At its most basic level, this is a replacement strap for your watch. One hopes that they have selected quality materials that will work to make a comfortable and robust watch strap. At least, they’re good-looking based on the images we’ve seen from MMT. Oh, and they must have some measure of water-resistance built in, as the MMT E-Strap carries a 30M WR rating as a whole. We can see how they hold up if you go for regular swims. For me, though, I would hold out for the second generation… More at A Blog To Watch.

That could work, it really could.

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