When organisations don’t bother validating email signups


I received 3 emails overnight saying that I had signed up for offers, deals, newsletters and various other crap that I did not need or want.

At first I thought it was just normal spam, but then I looked a little deeper and realised that the problem was not just with the robots doing the signups, but the organisations allowing such a thing.

I checked the links from the emails and they were valid so then decided to try signing up with one of my burner email accounts. Guess what? It let me sign up with no validation whatsoever which means that I could in theory sign any of you up and you would then receive all of the nonsense that these organisations want to shove into your inbox.

I can only presume that they just want to get the numbers on their mailing lists to prove some kind of mythical financial positive or that they actively ask people to do this for them. I mean, why else would I be signed up unless there was a reason behind doing so?

I am not suggesting that these organisations are actively encouraging spam on a large scale, but they certainly are not doing much to stop it happening.

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