Merciless with Mings

For many of you the above clip will mean nothing, but to an AFC Bournemouth life long fan such as myself it means something.

We are not certain of staying in the Premiership this year, but today Tyrone Mings (in blue above) was banned for 5 games and Zlatan Ibrahimovic (in red with the elbow) was banned for 3 games.

In the match above, which ended up as a 1:1 draw, I am struggling to see how what Mings did (if it can be proved to be deliberate) was worthy of a stronger ban than Ibrahimovic’s elbow which was obviously a premeditated move.

Mings stood up to a man many believe to be a bully throughout the match and it was great to see, but this feels like big team / small team punishment to me and doesn’t seem fair.

Watch the clip and tell me if you think I am biased just because I support AFC Bournemouth and really do not like Man Utd in any way.

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