Built by the watch industry experts that created the Horological Smartwatch, E-Strap is a logical next step to add smart functionality to existing analog watches. The ultra-small buckle extension can hardly be seen, as it is thin and covered by the leather strap. Make no mistake however, the patented E-Strap is built on the full MMT Smartwatch Platform and has its sophisticated functionality. The same MMT-365 Apps that accompany Horological Smartwatches is available to watchmakers’ E-Strap customers. E-Straps track ACTIVITY with GET ACTIVE ALERTS as well as MONITOR SLEEP with SMART SLEEP ALARMS… More at MMT.

I mentioned this recently, but it seems closer than ever to being a real product. I would likely replace the Apple Watch with this, if it works as well as I hope it does.

2 thoughts on “E-Strap

  1. I like the subtle look of it, but I gather you have to wear it for the sleep function to work huh? I like wearing my watch on a workday, but at night I take it off so my wrist can breathe. In the weekends and other days off I often like not being reminded of the time. I especially like the idea of a little fibration when I get a message. During my classes I often have my phone on vibrate or silent mode, and then later I forget to turn the sound back on and I often miss various messages.

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