Just how expensive is American mobile use?

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It’s a great time to be an AT&T GoPhone customer. Starting today, AT&T GoPhone customers can get unlimited data for only $60 a month after they sign up for AutoPay. We also offer an AT&T GoPhone plan now with 6GB of high-speed data for only $40 a month after AutoPay.

AT&T GoPhone Unlimited customers will get unlimited talk, text and data, with a max speed of 3Mbps. The plan is perfect for surfing the web, keeping up with your friends on social and streaming standard definition (about 480p) video at a max of 1.5Mbps. Plus, you’ll never incur overage charges. AT&T will temporarily slow data on a line during a plan cycle after 22GB of usage during periods of network congestion… More at AT&T.

The bits in bold stand out to me as crazy, but then again I reside in the UK where we have more advantages such as higher population density and more competition in terms of network coverage.

I am curious as to how your current mobile plan compares with what we pay in the UK which is roughly from £27/month for unlimited data, unlimited texts and 600 minutes. There is likely even cheaper deals around and the above does not include a phone, but it does seem as though we in the UK do well in this regard.

7 thoughts on “Just how expensive is American mobile use?

  1. $174.25 for two iPhones and one iPad for 16GB data, unlimited texts, and unlimited minutes. It’s $136.95 for just one phone on that plan and I purchased the phone outright.

  2. @Tom Is the U.S. dollars? To take exchange into account, today, 1 USD = 1.35 CAD and 1 GBP = 1.64 CAD

    In Canada, I’m paying $193.23 for unlimited talk and text, including cross-Canada long distance, and 5GB of data shared between two iPhones. That would be $148.03 if we weren’t paying off the two iPhones.

    Canada is known for having some of the highest cellular rates in the world. We have three large wireless providers and some small ones. The small ones offer discounted rates but also less service. The only competition we have is the large providers competing to see how fast they can the other providers’ rate increase. That said, the service is generally quite good.

      1. That would be about $235 Cdn. Mind you, you also have the iPad and a lot more data, so it might end up costing me about the same.

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