Stop Auto-Play Videos from Annoying You On A Mac


Auto-play videos suck. They use bandwidth, and their annoying sounds get in the way when you’re listening to music and open a web page. I happen to write for a website that uses them, and it annoys me to no end. (My editors have no control over those auto-play videos, alas.)

But you can stop auto-play videos from playing on a Mac. If you use Chrome or Firefox, it’s pretty simple, and the plugins below work both on macOS and Windows; if you use Safari, it’s a bit more complex, but it’s not that hard… More at Kirkville.

I can live with ads, but not pop-ups and most certainly not auto-play videos. They show contempt for the reader.

5 thoughts on “Stop Auto-Play Videos from Annoying You On A Mac

  1. Dumb question, but when people express dislike of autoplay, are they including sites that are dedicated to video? Like youtube?
    (Actually one detail I’d say youtube gets right is not triggering autoplay if opened in the background, but then starting up once focus is gained.)

    1. I’d happily have YouTube auto-play when the tab is in focus. But I’d happily sacrifice that if it meant stopping other videos from auto-playing.

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