Your apps (Bob and vboelema)


Since I’ve retired, I spend much more time on my desktop Mac than on my iPhone or iPad. And some of my Mac apps are reflections of the apps I use on my iPhone, and vice versa. To specifics:

Todo – I’ve used this for as long as I remember, with a break of about a year for some reason. I don’t bother with their cloud. I don’t need it. I also have their Mac app which is just okay, but everything syncs nicely.

1Password – Also on my Mac.

Firefox – I don’t care for Safari, either on my Mac or on my iPhone. I sync bookmarks from my desktop to iPhone and vice versa.

Microsoft Pix – Camera replacement.

Car Care – to keep my gas and maintenance log

Moneydance – Just a reflection of my desktop version

NHL – A must for ice hockey fans

Week Cal and myCal Pro – calendars. The built in calendar is too limited. I need two to keep track of my schedule and my wife’s. With two apps, I don’t have to switch in the app. I just open one or the other.

WeatherEye – A must for Canadians

Flipboard – for when I’m waiting

GoodReader – for a variety of things

Photos, Messages, Phone, Mail – default iOS apps. Bob

Here are my main ones:
Google apps: Gmail, You Tube, Maps, Translate, Hangouts.
Agenda: CloudCal, CloudTasks & Business Calendar Pro, Sectograph.
Office: AndrOpen Office, Simple Mind, 4001 Spanish Verbs, Free Adblocker Browser, HP Everyday Papers.
Communication: Whatsapp, Skype, Face Book, Messenger.
Music: Player Pro, Spotify, TuneIn Radio.
Media: MxPlayer Pro, Netflix, VLC, tTorrent, Home (Chromecast app), BBC News, Kindle.
File manager: Solid Explorer, Dropbox.
Camera: Cameringo +
Car: Ulysee Speedometer
Miscelaneous: Nova Launcher Pro, Energy Bar, Swiftly Switch Pro, Swiftkey Keyboard.

Most I use daily, some weekly… but they all get used. vboelema

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