Do Smartwatches Create More Problems Than They Solve?


While connectivity is undoubtedly the future, do smartwatches in their current state actually solve a problem? Or do they offer solutions to problems that don’t exist? You would be hard-pressed to find a function on any smartwatch that a smartphone can’t do (or in rare cases another wearable with a specific function). And you still need a phone to fully utilize the functions of a smartwatch. In this regard, the Montblanc Summit is no different than other smartwatches on the market.

I think the solution is a true combination of analog and digital features. For example, a mechanical watch with a separate and distinct digital operating system (most likely using OLED technology) that can provide digital information on the clear watch cover on command. Some have produced these products but they suffer from either limited functionality, poor battery life or poor design. The main issue seems to be battery life. Maybe a luxury watch brand could partner with Tesla for a solution to this problem. As they exist today smartphones make life more complicated rather than easier… More at Forbes.

I guess the main problem is that no-one has cracked smart watches yet. We simply do not know what they should be and how they should work.

4 thoughts on “Do Smartwatches Create More Problems Than They Solve?

  1. I love the look of the Samsung S3, it would be a great toy to play with. But I can’t justify the asking price, when I have my phone and Yoga Book pretty much in front of me for a good part of the day, and my life doesn’t really revolve around important phone calls or messages as such. But I do how ever, often need to glance at the time and my agenda!

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