Can the Surface Phone, or any other non-iOS or Android phone, succeed?


“I sincerely think its too late for Microsoft to succeed in the smartphone business no matter what they come up with,” comments a reader going by Osokona. “No one is going to switch their investment in iPhhones and aPhone and switch to wPhones. My last Windows phone was an HTC Kaiser when MS abandoned us. Even Skype refused to develop for the MS mobile platform. That was the last drop for me.”

The allegations about Microsoft dropping its Lumia range are weak though. A report by iTechPost claims Lumia handsets continue to be restocked all over the U.S. This works against the rumors claiming the gadgets would be trashed in favor of the Surface Phone… More at LearnBonds.

It is a valid point of view no matter how good the Surface Phone, if it ever gets released, is. Sadly, this argument can be levied against any phone on a new mobile OS.

It could be a very long time before we see another mobile OS succeed.

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