Apple’s surprising(ish) updates

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I’m not sure that the title is correct, but I would be interested to know what you thought of Apple’s hardware updates yesterday.

The fact that there was no event is understandable because these were relatively minor changes, but just maybe it means that there are much bigger changes on the way. Then again, if that were the case why make these changes?

It is hard to know what Apple is aiming for in 2017 after a lacklustre 2016, but I remain hopeful that at least a couple of products will excite us in a big way.

  • The PRODUCT (RED) iPhone 7 is an iPhone 7 and it is red. OK, moving on.
  • The new iPad, yes it is called iPad, replaces the iPad Air 2 and is cheaper, has an A9 chip and it is bigger. It has gained 1.4mm in thickness and 32 grams in weight which could be very important because it shows that Apple can bend when it comes to portability. This is obviously not the device to kickstart iPad sales, but the price drop may help a little.
  • An 128GB iPhone SE is welcome of course, but at a price that is higher than the 64GB version which has been dropped from the line. In the UK, for example, the new 32GB model costs the same as the old 16GB model whereas the 128GB model costs £40 more than the old 64GB model. Have things not moved on in a year to the point that the 128GB model could not receive a price increase? I also wonder if 7 specs would have been included if Apple was really serious about continuing the SE range long into the future.
  • A selection of new Apple Watch bands has been announced alongside the cutting down of default bands. This of course makes sense from a costs point of view, but £49 is a lot for such an item. In fact, it is way too much in comparison to a £5 set of adaptors and a really good quality watch strap, and I mean better quality than what Apple is offering here.
  • The new Clips app is a surprise and may offer some fun. Presumably it will be a default app in future iPhones.

So, that’s it. A few small updates which were rightly marketed in a small way, but what does this tell us about what Apple will do in the rest of 2017? I’m really not sure.


2 thoughts on “Apple’s surprising(ish) updates

  1. The price drop on the new iPad is attractive. I don’t need more than 32GB. I wish it had gotten lighter though. Seems a backward move. I’m surprised they made the iPad Mini so unattractive. Basically the only reason to buy it is if you absolutely had to have something smaller than the iPad and didn’t want, or couldn’t afford, the iPhone Plus.

    1. I think the success of the Plus has totally blinded them to the loveliness of the Mini. Maybe they’re being afraid as being seen as just an e-reader? (ereader slash video player)

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