From the 6S to the SE to the 7

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One thing I raved about when I moved to the iPhone SE was the added convenience and the extra practicality that it offered. It felt right and in many ways is the perfect size married to a stunning design. It was like going back to an old friend from the terrible iPhone 6 design and I was all set.

And then I recently moved back to the iPhone 7 and it feels fine. Bizarrely, it feels perfectly normal to use an iPhone 7 even thought it is bigger than the SE, bigger to the point that it just steps over that line where I can use it one-handed.

I am sure that if I moved back to the SE I would struggle because of my eyesight, but in other ways I would likely get used to it in a couple of days.

Maybe it means that we are able to adjust much more easily than we expect and maybe it means that we should think about the screen size we need and not the phone size. An iPhone 7 Plus would feel huge, but perhaps I would adjust to that as well.

Ultimately, there is little point to this quick article except to say that I have become ambivalent to the size of the phones I use and possibly because I don’t get emotionally involved with them anymore. I want them to do a job and I am more easily pleased than in previous years. Consequently, I am more likely to accept minor problems as a natural part of the experience.

9 thoughts on “From the 6S to the SE to the 7

  1. I suspect I’m letting you be too much of an influence on me πŸ˜€ I went from 6 to SE and am now back on the 6. The extra breathing room for stuff like calendar and todos is just pleasant, and with the “double brush” on the home button to pull things down, one handed uses isn’t even that diminished.(the only silver lining of wasting money on the SE is that I got to relive the ‘oh, this new middle size is quite nice actually” feeling)

    Definitely nervous about trying the plus size, if I end up not liking it. Almost want to experiment, like get a cheap(?) 6plus from somewhere when the 8 comes out, and use it for a few weeks. But if the plus size offered pencil support, or this time I could say “oh the plus camera is REALLY worth it now” – maybe.

    I still get the frisson of “this is cool, I like how well this organizes me” for random Apple tech. Especially my old Macbook Air, but sometimes the phone a tiny bit. Still I know what you’re saying about hitting the “meh, this works too” phase.

      1. Really? I know it’s not exactly the same thing, but when I got an iPad I installed Penultimate and Noteshelf immediately, bought about 5 styli, and have NEVER used either the style or either app in anger opinion over 3 years.

        What would you REALLY use a pencil for in everyday use?

        1. Yes. If Apple made the feature feel like a pencil on paper and if the words were translated perfectly yes indeed. Big ifs though.

      2. @Simon — doodling and art. And it might make one of those old palm-graffiti-style keyboards worthwhile… maybe. It was a nice way to enter text, reliable enough that auto-correct wasn’t so needed.

  2. I have smallish hands so the Plus is more like a micro tablet to me (smaller than a mini). I liked the size of the 5 but the 6 is okay. I don’t do any one-handed writing. Never did.

    I don’t think it’s a case of being more easily pleased. It’s more about acceptance that it works, maybe not perfectly, but well enough, and that’s just the way things are.

  3. Not really the subject of the post, but in terms of Pencil, I use it all the time with my iPad. I don’t take notes on paper, and I sometimes find reading a document and writing on it in pen easier than doing so via a computer and keyboard β€” and I turn to my iPad and Pencil.

    In face, I use the Pencil so much that I ended up buying a second one on eBay, so that I have one on my desk and one in my bag for use when travelling.

    Yes, I sound like a fanboy, but the Pencil is streets ahead of a normal stylus on an iPad (and I know, because I used those for years too). It really is just like writing on paper, and my handwriting is almost good enough for GoodNote’s writing-to-text conversion to work most of the time. (It’s recognition is not perfect, but it is definitely good.)

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