Ever notice that many of these “things” we lose are bit by bit and for the best reasons? The government needs to know how much you make so that you can pay taxes. Fair enough. They also want to know how you make it. Etc. No issue with that? Me neither. How about protecting us all by making sure we don’t say anything about anything remotely dangerous in the security lineup at the airport. Like a terrorist is going to talk about the plans he has once he’s on board.

And then there’s privacy, or what we call privacy. It’s being eaten away bit by bit. Now the government wants the ability or right to tap our phones. Were they doing that 30 years ago before mobile? They had to get a warrant and show cause before being allowed to wiretap, at least legally. Now they want the right to access it all, all the time. And then there’s… Well, whatever the next thing is that is all about protecting us.

Am I being paranoid? Am I taking it too far? Each incremental loss is nothing, but taken together, and taken one by one, like a row of dominoes, and what do end up with? Too far fetched? Bob

I guess the answer is to not use a phone or the internet, or a smart TV or smart Fridge or… Yes, no easy answer.

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