TomTom. What on earth are you doing?

Photo 31-03-2017, 20 41 19.png

I have mentioned many times how much I rely on TomTom and was surprised to see the above screen appear on the latest update. It is true that you cannot buy the original app anymore so it shouldn’t be a surprise, but when you use something every day, it is hard to see it go.

No need to worry though because TomTom has a new app called GO which is supposed to be better.

As you can see from the reviews below, it isn’t.

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 21.08.36.png

It is so far from better, it is untrue. It is a pile of sh*t and only works about 70% of the time for me with bizarre routes appearing, terribly presented traffic updates and an interface that makes you stare at it because it is so cluttered. Staring at a screen while driving is obviously not good.

I do not buy TomTom’s excuse about things moving on. I believe that the company is moving ahead with a solution that concentrates on the visuals in place of functionality and somehow still manages to get the visuals wrong.

TomTom. Sort it out! You have until September.

2 thoughts on “TomTom. What on earth are you doing?

  1. sounds like “we’re doing this new thing, so can’t be arsed to get our crusty old engineer recompile fro 32 bits to 64.”

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