Universal one-handed mode


On the hardware front, Samsung and LG both reduced their bezels to a minimum with their latest devices – a trend we will see ever more often – leading to narrow aspect ratios that make the phones easy to grip horizontally.

But again, their tops are no easier to reach. I would’ve rather had a 5.3-inch-ish Galaxy S8 in a size smaller than the iPhone 7, but Samsung at least gets a pass for including a one-handed mode.

Maybe in the future, we’ll have the technology for expandable phones that can be as large as you need them to be. Or maybe humanity will end up growing carrot-sized thumbs. But until then, the onus is on manufacturers to make their phones easier to use with one hand; something as simple as a robust one-handed mode can go a long way… More at TNW.

I agree. If you cannot make a phone that can be used with one hand, either through hardware or software, you have failed.

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