My desk space is my head space

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For me the other thought provoking bit is that you two use iMacs, presumably in a stationary kind of way. Even though I have a good size monitor on a desk that I’ll use when I want to focus (and I love the configuration of keyboard and trackpad and laptop monitor below, big monitor above) I appreciate not being anchored. I guess some of that represents my semi-transient lifestyle where I hang out at the Girlfriend’s a lot. (I remember when I first started that, and tried to split the difference with desktop setup via-massive 18.4” screen windows laptop. Now a 13” MacBook Air seems a good blend of comfort in use and stowability in general)

Admittedly the iMac screen is gorgeous, and I get the appeal, but to me it seems so definitely “this is the desk space where the computing happens. Kirk

And it is the desk space where things happen. This is why the iMac works for me. It works because I seem to need to be in the same place to do ‘real stuff’. At my desk on my seat with my stuff around me. That is what I need to get my freelance and website work done. It’s my head space and the familiarity leads me to get things done quicker and at a level that I am happy with.

If I sit on the sofa and use my wife’s Chromebook to write something, it never feels as if the end result is as good. It doesn’t feel as if I am in the right ‘place’ to get things done and so the iMac rules in the environment that I have it situated in.

It may be that I buy a MacBook next time and use it with a big screen, but it feels more likely that I would prefer to be forced to go to my space to work. I see it as an advantage and likely always will.

2 thoughts on “My desk space is my head space

  1. I’m very desk bound. I have my iMac screen in front of me and the other stuff I use regularly around me. It’s never occurred to me to do otherwise. I’m retired now, but even when I was working and brought my work laptop (Windows) home, I’d plunk it on my desk and work from there. I do very little with my iPad these days other than read in bed and play the odd game.

    Of course there is a practical aspect as well. My home office is always closed because of our cats, many of whom love to chew on wires and cables. And if I sat in the living room or dining room, I’d have cats where I’d put a laptop or an iPad.

  2. What I’ve always loved about portable devices is being able to do whatever you want on it where ever you are. I used to pull out my Psion on the tube to write my thoughts, email a friend or just to update something. I feel much the same about the Yoga Book. It’s not too big to have with you on the go, and when you open it up you’re immediately set to go, be it a moment to organise my next classes, or update something, collect my thoughts or to post here. But I love being able to do it when the mood takes me and where.

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