Smart watch cases make sense, sort of


Watches come in all shapes and sized, but with a certain degree of uniformity that makes the wearer feel comfortable. Whether it be stainless steel, gold, or plastic, there is a recognised design for a watch which is to not draw too much attention to yourself.

Some watches are obviously designed to attract the attention of people not wearing them, but they tend to be for those who simply want to show off rather than express their personality.

Smart watches, however, are different and could take advantage of the ‘personal’ touch that is so hard to do with real watches.

I own a couple of Apple Watch cases that change the look a little and which add little to the dimensions and it got me wondering if the phone case phenomenon could follow to the smart watch?

I guess the reality is that for some reason we are somewhat reserved when it comes to what we wear, but some people are happy to carry around the most ridiculous phone cases and think they are cool.

Just perhaps, smart watch cases will be the next big thing or more likely I am talking nonsense (again).

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