Apple has nailed fitness

I have found over time that the fitness aspect of the Apple Watch has taken over most other functions. The notifications are of course very useful as is the ability to tell the time, obviously, and it only those three features that do it for me as far as the Apple Watch is concerned. This is why I believe that smart watch manufactures need to concentrate on making the functions that are useful as good as they can be and to forget the rest at this time. Give us multiple day battery, more style and practicality and I will be happy.

I, however, have found myself becoming very interested in closing the rings which has started with moving and standing, and now the goal is to close the exercise ring every day. The benefits are already noticeable and with some willpower I suspect that this device will have done more for me than any other fitness tracker, and I have tried many.

There is something very simple and obvious about closing those three rings and getting medals for little achievements. They mean more than mere numbers such as steps and how many calories I have consumed and burned, and the end result is a system that is genuinely motivational and which feels like a game.

It’s sort of like Pokemon GO, but real and beneficial. It makes you want to try harder and that cannot be a bad thing.

With a bit of luck Apple will develop the hardware and software further in the next version and we may be able to track sleep without worrying about the battery, check our sats and do many other things. It appears to me that Apple has created the best fitness tracker to date in a device that is supposed to be much more than that.

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