Stop Pretending Smartwatches Are Useful

Cut to the present and Pebble is deader than the ashes of a burned up Galaxy Note7. Fitbit, the most popular wearable brand, can’t get its first real smartwatch out the door (and, by all accounts, it’s so ugly no one will want one when they do). Android Wear is a buggy, fractured, mess and even Apple, which is reportedly selling more smartwatches than anyone else, still won’t say how many Apple Watches it has sold (not surprising when sales in the low two digits is a market leader.) More at Mashable.

I’m torn here. A few weeks ago I would have agreed. Today, I disagree purely because I am wearing one every day now. We can only go by our personal experiences and I’m not convinced that the above article is doing that. Seems more like a click-bait piece to me.

One thought on “Stop Pretending Smartwatches Are Useful

  1. Smartwatches are still in their infancy. Wait a few years as components get smaller and batteries get better. There’s a big distinction between useful and necessary. Smartwatches are or could be useful for most people but they’re not necessary. I could make the same argument about smartphones. Yes we might feel lost without them, but are they really necessary? That said, in a few years they will be as necessary as many other things, such as electricity, that at one time was a new-fangled oddity.

    And then there’s the rumour about Apple developing a non-invasive glucose sensor for the Apple Watch. Ask any diabetic if that wouldn’t be useful.

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