Let’s Watch It!


The app, has been around since early March, but recently added support for turning on the front-facing camera and the microphone in the app, giving it more of a social, real-time feel. But these features are optional – you can toggle a switch at the bottom of the screen to enable or disable the functionality as needed.

As for the video viewing experience itself, Let’s Watch It! does a good job here. If anything, the most difficult thing about using the app is navigating the clunky iMessage App Store, and then getting to the app from the iMessage interface. But once you’ve got it loaded, it’s straightforward to use.

The app presents a scrollable list of popular videos, or you can search for a particular title in YouTube, YouTube Live, or Twitch. You can toggle through the video sources from the hamburger menu on the left. When you find a video you want to share, you just tap it. This places a video thumbnail into an iMessage thread, ready for sending… More at TechCrunch.

Has been a while since I saw an app that could become huge, but this one could do very well indeed.

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