‘Poor’ Indians bring Snapchat to its knees

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Just a month ago, Evan Spiegel was the toast of the town. The 26-year-old billionaire who founded Snapchat took his company public. The following week, he walked home with a bonus of some $800 million. Everyone, including his fiance, supermodel Miranda Kerr, was celebrating. Cut to present when Evan Spiegel has earned the ire of Indians who have just learnt what he has to say about them.

Thanks to a lawsuit that has been filed by former employee, Anthony Pompaliano, we now know that the Snapchat founder has no plans of expanding his business in India because he considers it to be a poor country. “This app is only for rich people. I don’t want to expand into poor countries like India and Spain,” Spiegel reportedly told Pampliano. According to the lawsuit, the Snpchat CEO believed that the app was only for ‘rich people’… More at GQ.

What a dick.

One thought on “‘Poor’ Indians bring Snapchat to its knees

  1. Like Mr. Gump says, “Stupid is, stupid does.” In this case ignorance. I remember talking to my brother over Skype once on speaker phone, and something had happened to my computer, and he started spouting out, “Yes, because in Spain the infrastructure is old and archaic and…” …and (my now ex) wife’s eyes just went livid red next to me and I had to tell him to shut up at that moment, saying things he had no idea about never having actually lived in Spain and all that. It seems this man suffers the same disease of ignorance and presumption. (But hey, Trump, like a lot of people, seems to think Spain is situated somewhere near Mexico!)

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