The Gerstner 25X


Built by esteemed American case makers Gerstner & Sons, the original 1915 plans of the Gerstner 25 were lost in a flood. Reengineered exclusively for Best Made Co., the Gerstner 25X carries a legacy of orderly workmanship. With an indexing series of drawers, a valued set of precision tools or a lifelong collection of keepsakes can be stored neatly and secured with a locking front panel. Hand-finished American cherry and polished brass hardware make a worthy home for the most valued contents. The painted red side-sash, emblazoned on both sides, is a handsome flourish for any shelf. Custom felt lining, knurled brass knobs, and our iconic “Be Optimistic” embroidery are a few testaments to the intricacy of detail. With lock-rabbet joinery and poplar drawer bases for stability, the Gerstner 25X is built for elegance and lifelong service. Once the highest badge of honor for the American mechanic and typesetter, the Gerstner 25X is an enduring symbol of quality and craftsmanship… More at Best Made.

You would have to own some very nice things to make $1,150 seem a reasonable price to pay, but it is a rather nice object. Not convinced the red stripe is needed though.

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