A general sensor could save the country/government billions

Image from Pinterest

Interesting question on the medical sensor arena. In countries like Canada and the U.K., a general sensor could save the country/government billions. It’s almost always cheaper to treat before rather than after. Of course this assumes that the medical regulatory agencies will approve it. Because of course no human being other than a doctor is capable of understanding what these devices read. For example, in Canada, in some provinces, home sleep apnea testing is not available. Sometimes I’m amazed that we can buy glucose meters. But I digress. And on the other side, there are the medical industry companies. Some will want this so they can make products. Some won’t because they won’t be able to sell as many products to specialists, like doctors and hospitals. And on the third side, there’s us, who want access to this information without having to always make an appointment or fall ill or worse. Oh yes, the insurance companies. I’ll bet they’d offer a premium reduction for anyone wearing such a device. Mind you, you’d probably have to be connected so that they were sure that you were wearing it. And that tracks your location and provides other information of interest to other companies. But again I digress. I’m sure there’s yet another side, but you get the idea. Bob

Indeed. The question would come down to how much tracking can be done. Are you doing enough exercise? You smoked a cigarette! We know everything about you way and beyond your health status.

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