TOZO® Ultra-Thin iPhone 7 Case Thoughts


It is hard to give a definitive summary of a case like this because they are so think that in my experience they tend to adjust their shape over time. What I can do, however, is offer a first impressions and will revisit how well it has performed later.

I can also say that if you are looking for a case that feels as close to carrying your iPhone naked as possible, this is a good solution. It is incredibly thin and is barely noticeable when attached, which is a bit fiddly to do actually, and it adds a decent amount of grip to the outer covering.

From the iPhone 6 onwards, iPhones have been slippery and annoyingly difficult to carry. A case of design gone bad in my opinion, but this is a cheap way to get around the problem and it does what it should do very well.


Even better, the camera is protected by a small section that protrudes approximately 1mm over the lens who you get access to everything you need including full spaces for all of the keys.

There is little else I can say about this case apart from what I have said before, but my first impressions are very positive and so it remains to be seen how well it performs in the long run.

Available from Amazon here for £7.99.

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