New Apple Watch Activity Challenge


Ahead of Earth Day, Apple is debuting a new Activity Challenge for Apple Watch owners, which will become available in the Activity app on the iPhone when Thursday, April 20 rolls around.

Apple is challenging Apple Watch owners to complete a 30 minute outdoor exercise activity on Earth Day, which is Saturday, April 22. For finishing the challenge, Apple Watch owners will be rewarded with an exclusive Earth Day award and stickers that can be used in the Messages app… More at MacRumors.

Will people really fall for this and do exercise just to get a medal and some iMessage stickers?

Yep, I will do it. The medal is lovely and for some strange reason, this kind of thing works for me. Lost a decent amount of weight already.

2 thoughts on “New Apple Watch Activity Challenge

  1. Congrats on losing weight! You attribute it to the movement/excerise?

    For me it’s always felt like the correlation between weight loss and exercise was middling, it always comes down to calorie counting. is my geeky way of keeping track of that long term. Sad I have to find a new day to day recording tool once “Weightbot” the 32-bit-only prison gets sealed up.

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