The Guardian pulls out of Apple News and Facebook’s Instant Article

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Publishers aren’t happy with the deal platforms are cutting them. Now, the Guardian has dropped both Facebook’s fast-loading Instant Article format and will no longer publish content on Apple News.

The publisher had gone all-in on Instant Articles, running every single Guardian article via the format for the last year. It was one of first U.K. media owners to adopt the Facebook format, alongside BBC News in the spring of 2015. The Guardian was also among the first publishers to join the Apple News app when it launched in the U.K. in October 2015. It ran all its articles in the app… More at DigiDay.

I can’t see how publications will make enough profit on platforms that are so congested by other titles. They surely need to produce quality content in their own space.

One thought on “The Guardian pulls out of Apple News and Facebook’s Instant Article

  1. Own space is such a fraught thing. Back in the day I hated RSS because it took away the flavor of the articles, you know? Like when I would take in an article, I would sort of subconsciously imbibe its place where I saw it – the color of the borders, the general width of columns (kind of like the charm of print books over doing everything in an e-reader) And these days I keep up But all that is so swamped by the “walls” where the author’s only personalization is the name and avatar – FB, tumblr, twitter, instagram…. I wish the pendulum would swing back but I’m not sure it’s gonna happen.

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