Do your children deserve privacy?


Parents worried their children are swapping inappropriate pictures and selfies with friends or even strangers online are being offered a smartphone app to automatically spot suspect images.

The firm behind Gallery Guardian says it uses sophisticated image recognition software to scan pictures appearing on a child’s mobile to detect naked skin, genitalia or breast exposure… More at The Telegraph.

The above technology feels far too intrusive to me, but as a parent I have a built-in desire to protect my kids at all costs. The question is, however, what level of privacy do they deserve?

It comes down to age of course and their personalities, but it struck me that I can track them in so many different ways that it just doesn’t feel right. From Find My iPhone to social networks to crazy tech like the one described above, I have the ability, but not the inclination to take away any sense of them making their own mistakes or being able to do what they want.

After some more time thinking about it, I realised that my desire to track what they do online is there purely because I have the ability to do it. I wouldn’t follow them down to the park and have to accept that not everything online is bad, and I need to trust my children.

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