Is Every Speed Limit Too Low?


“We all speed, yet months and months usually pass between us seeing a crash,” Lt. Megge tells us when we call to discuss speed limits. “That tells me that most of us are adequate, safe, reasonable drivers. Speeding and traffic safety have a small correlation.” More at Priceonomics.

So, think about it and ask yourself how often you speed and for how long. I can honestly say that when on the motorway I am driving above the limit 90% of the time, only slightly above it, but for far too long.

Guess that what happens when you own a Kia cee’d 2 like me (cough).

One thought on “Is Every Speed Limit Too Low?

  1. Speed limits in urban areas are probably right on. There are always unexpected things that happen and most drivers’ reactions aren’t good enough to avoid accidents if they were driving faster.

    Highways are a different story. Speed limits are based on vehicles from at least 50 years ago when cars weren’t as controllable at high speed. Very few unexpected occurrences happen on a highway. The standard highway speed in Canada is 100 kph On secondary highways, it’s 80 kph. I tend to drive 15% over that unless things are busy. Must be from my days driving in and around Montreal. There if you drove the speed limit, the guy behind you would use you as a ramp. The speed limit on the main highway going north to the Laurentian mountains was 70 mph or 112 kph. Everyone did 80 mph. Now the speed limit is 100 kph or about 60 mph.

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