Finally! Good e-Reader 6.8


The Good e-Reader 13.3 inch e-reader was the first product we ever released and many users wanted something smaller and more affordable. This was the reasoning behind our new 6.8 inch Android e-reader! It has a WACOM screen, so you can interact with the device with gestures or use the accompanied stylus. This will allow you to take notes, make highlights and annotations. You can view and edit your favorite PDF files or read an e-book.

One of the big advantages of our e-reader is that the battery lasts over a month and the e-paper display allows you to take it outside, without the sun obfuscating the screen. The front-lit display has 8 LED lights, which allows you to read in the dark and optimize the brightness levels… More at kickstarter.

There is a lot to like here. The Android side means it can effectively work as a Kindle, the pen means that it can be used for handwritten notes and the price is not overly out of range for what it is.

I have some concerns over how the screen refreshes etc, but this is ‘almost’ the device I have wanted for a very long time.

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