How The High-End Watch Industry Is Robbing Itself Of Relevancy


The closest relevancy analog the watch industry can claim is that “each day most people around the world need to know what time it is.” That is easily the most relevant concept the high-end watch industry has in the lives of average people. This is a poor foundation of relevancy because, as most people know, contemporary life provides most people in urbanized places many alternatives to determine the time aside from a wristwatch. Thus, the watch industry puts itself in a compromised position if it follows the lessons of the automotive and fashion (among other) industries as a means of determining how to maintain relevancy with consumers. This is because most of the industries the watch industry likes to follow have seemingly similar, but actually quite different relationships with the public at large, and thus distinct issues and challenges which do not align perfectly with that of the watch industry… More at A Blog To Watch.

Good article and one that hits on what may be a major problem for the entire industry.

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