Ok, We Get It. You Shot It With Your Phone

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 11.20.18.png

Ok, we get it. You shot it with your phone. You brought your DSLR, but you fell into a fountain and waterlogged all your gear. The repair estimate was nearly $2000, except you went to Thailand and got it fixed for $120. Good thing you had your iPhone. The quality was so good that your client, a barber named Steve who has never paid for photography, couldn’t tell the difference.

When your friend challenged you to take a night shot with your phone, you muttered, “bring it on” to yourself, then built an app because your company tells you to spend 10% of your time eating for free in the cafeteria. Then you composited 487 photos and used AI, AR, VR, ILC, and THC to get a photo that you could’ve taken with your DSLR, which you didn’t have because you tripped and broke your lens… More at Photoshelter Blog.

A funny read for anyone who likes photography.

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