Where are the persistent notifications?


Up above is a persistent notification on iOS. When you set a reminder in the default Reminders app, it will appear on the lock screen and it will stay there until you complete what you need to do.

This is extremely handy because there is zero chance that you will forget to do something.

So, why is it not possible with third party apps?

I have found that with the Apple Watch I can easily swipe away notifications and because they have appeared on the watch they are not displayed on my iPhone, at which point I may remember if I see the red circle on my To Do app icon.

Over the past few weeks I have got to some notifications late and it is a curious mix of the Apple Watch and lack of persistent notifications that causes this.

Reminders is an OK app, but not of the power I need and so I have to choose between sticking with the Apple default or potentially missing important things.

Hopefully this is an option that will be open to developers in the next release.

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