Is Your Phone The Center Of Your Universe?


It is not the phone that is truly important, it is the applications that it contains. There is no aspect of our lives that is not affected by our smartphones in the modern day and thanks to the help of the aforementioned app development and its associated app developers, there is no limit to the benefits that we can enjoy.

Think about it this way: from the moment you wake up and start to get ready for work or school, from the moment that you crawl back into bed, you use your smartphone and all of its awesome apps. It all starts when you first get out of bed in the morning… More at TNW.

So true. Think about how often you use your phone compared to your other computing devices and my guess is that for most of you it is a LOT more.

Besides when I need to update Lost In Mobile or freelance, my iPhone gets so much more use than everything else. The Apple Watch is used often, but only for snapshots of time. The phone is easily the centre of my tech world. How about you?

3 thoughts on “Is Your Phone The Center Of Your Universe?

  1. Nope. Not like that. And less so now that I’m retired. I do not have my phone beside my bed. I read at night using a tablet, but don’t look at it first thing in the morning. I’m also not on social media so there’s a lot less to see. But even when I was working, it’s a convenience rather than a necessity. I do spend a lot of time in from of my iMac, but I’ve got lots of other stuff I could be doing if it were suddenly taken away.

    • I guess I am thinking of the people I see at work and when out and about. At any point away from the home, the phone seems to win.

      • Oh I agree. That’s also what I see when I out. And it drives me nuts at an ice hockey game when they’re texting away and not watching the game.

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