The World’s Strangest Streets


Most streets are simple, straight and serviceable, a boring means to an end. But a few are more than that, attracting tourists simply to see the weirdness they entail. Steep streets, crooked ones and even wide ones, here’s a list of some of our world’s most remarkable bits of infrastructure. They’re the sort of roads you might drive a ways just to see… More at PM.

A few years ago I had to navigate the Magic Roundabout in Swindon on the way to a meeting. I panicked as soon as I saw and then just drove straight over it. It’s an amazing creation.

5 thoughts on “The World’s Strangest Streets

  1. I got used to roundabouts on the various trips I made to the U.K., some business, some pleasure. That came in handy when they started putting roundabouts in my area. Of course I had to watch for the drivers who didn’t have my experience and had no idea how to read a yield sign.

    That said, I never drove the magic roundabout. While the design may be very efficient, I think it was designed to trap tourists from North America. I mean would it have been that bad just to have a normal roundabout with 5 exits?

  2. “I think it was designed to trap tourists from North America.” Really?

    It works brilliantly, it really does and in my experience was much quicker than a 5 exit roundabout, which are always a nightmare and quite rare.

    • My experience, based on various trips, has been that in the U.K., you’re expected to know where you’re going, how to get there, and how to handle roundabouts and other road “hazards”, not to mention actually paying attention. Not so much over here in my experience.

      You would have had a jolly old time watching the roundabouts here when they were first put in. As I said, people couldn’t understand yield signs because the road was round instead of straight.

      • It’s a simple rule in the UK for roundabouts. Give way to the person on the right, drive in front of the person on the left and if they hit you it is their fault:)

        • Same over here except reversed since we drive on the right. It’s better now but there are still people who come to a complete stop regardless of whether there’s traffic or not. And there are always people who think they can beat you.

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