A good enough dash cam

Photo 08-05-2017, 12 40 39

After much pondering I decided to buy a dash cam, and I chose to go for a very cheap option because I do not get excited by such things.

My choice was a Nextbase 112 which I picked up for £39 with £6 extra required for a dual 12v car charger so that I could charge my iPhone at the same time. The end result was more elegant than I expected and now I don’t even think about it.

A simple sucker attaches the dash cam to my windscreen, as high up as possible, and the cam itself can be removed easily to just leave the sucker attached. I then had to route the cable through the edge of the glass which was even easier than I expected. Maybe it is because I own a Kia, but within a minute the charging cable was running from the cam to the power port below the dashboard and it was not visible anywhere.

Photo 08-05-2017, 12 40 46

I had a bit of a fiddle with the charging port and the first dual-port accessory I bought was terrible. The second one worked so that I could charge the dash cam and my iPhone at the same time through my Belkin Bluetooth accessory. It does not look great, but it will do for the moment and I will likely go for the kit which lets me attach the dash cam to the fuse box directly.

So, I took it out on my first drive and that was it, I had forgotten it was there within a few minutes. It powers up when the ignition is turned, it turns off when I take the key out and everything is recorded which is all I needed. The quality is good enough for my needs and in the event of an insurance claim, it ‘may’ become evidence. I am slightly concerned that the quality appears to often struggle with number plates, but I believe it will be OK.

One thing I have noticed that I did not expect is the feeling that I am being recorded. I have forgotten about it from a practical perspective because I don’t need to interact with it, but that feeling that a clip may be needed as evidence does not leave me, and I stick to the speed limit as a consequence.

I am fairly sure that the speed limit thing is a blip, it is a minimum guide after all, but for now I am liking the reassurance of having the dash cam there doing its thing.

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