Taking things for granted


If there was only one place on earth where clouds gathered, could you imagine how much people would pay to travel there? And how in awe they would be, and how many photos they’d take? Kirk

Great comment from Kirk. Hadn’t thought about such things that way before, but guess it could apply to trees and so many other objects we take for granted.

3 thoughts on “Taking things for granted

  1. I would pay a lot more to tour and see clouds in an otherwise cloudless world than trees in a treeless world, though. The vast scale of clouds, the way they hang in the sky (in much the same way bricks don’t), the way the form and remold under timelapse, or how they interact with the colors of a sunset – I think they are overall more interesting than many other physical phenomenon…

    I guess glaciers and icebergs are a close example of something people pay to go see, and technically I sort of did pay to go see — but they haven’t got a stitch on clouds.

    I guess I really should go join that Cloud Appreciation Group.

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