The Holy Grail of Photography


The next step of photography is to process your images, to make your photos look aesthetically appealing. For me, the aesthetics are important in photography — because the more beautiful the aesthetic of photography, the more emotion, soul, and feeling you get in the images.

Photos (most which are shot digitally) lack soul. Because they are too sharp, too clinical, and have no emotion in them.

However, there are great tools like VSCO which have the best film-simulation presets, which Evoke more emotion in photographs… More here.

Superb article!

One thought on “The Holy Grail of Photography

  1. That’s a very interesting site. I dig his egalitarian vibe.
    I used to feel like a special snowflake because I always had a tiny Canon point-and-shoot in my pocket, from like 2001 to – I dunno, 2012 or so? ‘Til iPhone cameras were good enough. I caught a lot of neat shots and was the “go to” guy for whiteboard archiving.
    These days I’m wondering if my iPhone philosophy should be “go for the plus, get the best camera out there, the size difference is less than you used to carry” vs “stick with the form factor you prefer, the camera ain’t that much better (“portrait” mode not withstanding?) and mostly you’re taking “One Second Everyday” footage anyhow”

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