iTunes is coming to the Windows Store


You could look at this as depressing because you were hoping that Apple would come up with a much better alternative. Or you could see that Apple still needs Windows and its users to help them move to their products.

For many people, the idea of attaching a phone or tablet to a computer is not an alien one.

5 thoughts on “iTunes is coming to the Windows Store

  1. You’re welcome to stay on my lawn, but I do not trust the cloud crap for my backups, especially to keep track of my mp3s and make sure they’re handy.

    (the services I depend most on, dropbox and simplenote, have their own network path. the main thing I might lose in a broken backup scenario is appigo todo – they have some network options I haven’t pursued enough yet)

  2. I have iTunes set up to do wireless sync, but I still dock my phone, and sometimes my iPad, when I’m working, so having it sync with iTunes is no big deal.

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