Why I refuse to delete old apps


For instance, I use the app Memopad app to mark up screenshots. But I can’t even remember the last time I marked up a screenshot. I’ve probably marked up fewer than five screenshots in the last year. Do I really need this app?

Memopad is just one the many single-purpose apps that I have on my phone. Black is a photo-editing app that’s excellent for creating black-and-white photos. Camcorder is an app that makes your videos look like old low-res VHS recordings. Fasten is a ride-sharing app I downloaded in Austin while at SXSW and don’t need for at least another year. I’ve got Printer Pro for printing out files from my iPhone even though I’ve never printed anything from my iPhone, ever. The list of one-off apps goes on and on.

The simple truth is I don’t need these apps. I know I don’t need them. But fear keeps me from deleting them because when I need them, I won’t have them. Like that stupid printer app or the four “document-to-PDF” scanner apps I’ve got — I’ll be prepared when I do need to print a document, and you’ll be the fool who’s scrambling to find an app to do it… More at Mashable.

I have many old apps still installed on my iPhone, but a lot will be gone when the iOS 11 purge happens.

3 thoughts on “Why I refuse to delete old apps

  1. I have lots of apps that I want to try but haven’t gotten around to it, in years and years 😦 I have done a quick look through my old apps, via that app list in Settings, to see whether there’s anything essential I might lose. But with all the updates going on because of the 64-bit requirement, I might as well wait until after the iOS 11 announcement, presumably in June.

  2. I may be overly anal about this, but I review my app usage monthly – first through the battery usage, and data usage, and finally, through the multi-tasking cards. I delete any that does not appear on those lists that I can’t justify in keeping. Still I have 7 screens of apps.

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