Outdated Windows XP and Jeremy Hunt to blame for today’s NHS ransomware attack?


Jeremy Hunt (his surname is rhyming slang)

Back in April 2014, Microsoft officially ended support for Windows XP, once its most popular operating system (OS) which was favoured my many businesses and government agencies around the world.

The UK government was one such organisation, paying Microsoft the princely sum of £5.5 million to continue providing security support for Windows XP. This deal came to an end in May 2015 and was not renewed, with a the government citing “good progress in moving away from Windows XP across departments and government organisations”.

Of the 70 Trusts contacted, 42 said they were still running Windows XP machines without receiving security updates, with only one of them confirming that it had purchased a support agreement from Microsoft… More at silicon.

Why am I not surprised that this government will stop at nothing to save a few pounds that can be spent on those that do not need it instead. Thanks to Russ for the link.

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