I credit Google with the biggest game changer…

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 19.45.00.png

Could you be more specific about what Amazon and Google and Samsung and others have done though, since say 2010? Amazon changed the face of retail in the same way Sears Roebuck did a century ago, but they’re still stuck in the web front. Where they might be pushing the envelope is with AWS and such cloudness? I guess maybe Echo as well, that kind of tech? Of all of these I credit Google with the biggest game changer in terms of search, maps, and mail, but I think those are all pre 2010. (I’m not trying to be strict about 2010, I’m ok if there’s a new “blossoming” of an idea or service that was established before) Samsung? I dunno, they were early on “people want bigger phones” and now this edge to edge trend… Tesla has made fully electric cars much more of a thing No one has really gotten AR/VR. Sony might be cloesest with VR, Google Glass was kind of a swing and a miss…Kirk

Good points. Innovation isn’t just a matter of how innovative you believe certain products and services to be, but what products and services you even consider  to be innovative. There are many more than we think about on a daily basis.

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