Innovators are lower on the totem pole


Tim Cook is doing exactly what a CEO is supposed to do, maintain and grow a successful company. And by any business measure, Apple is very successful. Steve Jobs was very rare. A visionary who was also the CEO of a very large successful company. The question is whether Apple can continue to innovate under the direction of Tim Cook. My concern is that innovation by committee seldom works well. Sure we get new products, but they are often so watered down that the innovation is hidden behind the safe facade. That was the genius or bravado of Steve Jobs. He didn’t necessarily come up with all those innovations but he pushed and wasn’t afraid to stick his neck out or have his products do the same. He was the final decision maker. And since he was the CEO, no one could challenge him. With Apple today, the innovators are lower on the totem pole, and final decisions are made by consensus rather than by one person. And since everyone usually has there own ideas…..Bob


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