ExoMount CD Car Mount

More and more states are passing laws prohibiting holding phones while driving, making car mounts all the more necessary. Your GPS just isn’t something you’re all that likely to give up, and sometimes you really do have to make calls while driving. Solution: The ExoMount hooks easily into your car’s CD player giving you a central, visible location for your phone while you’re driving, without having to occupy your hands. Plus, its 360° More at boing boing

Such a good use of something many of us never consider using these days. Only problem I see is the height of the CD slot which could be too low for safe use. 

2 thoughts on “ExoMount CD Car Mount

  1. I’ve been using something similar for a few years- it’s pretty great! I think it has warped the lip of the CD player a bit, but on those rare occassions (like, twice?) when I took it out to plunk in a CD things were still fine.

  2. I got mine from Primark. It cost me like 1.50€ or something. I got it because I figured it wouldn’t matter if it was crap. It clips snuggly onto the fan, and I slip my phone into it. It’s small, unobtrusive, portable and it works day in day out.

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