Is your phone company scamming you?


Mobile phone bills are seemingly more consumer-friendly and easier to understand these days, what with unlimited data deals becoming more prevalent, as well as the demise of traditional two-year contracts. Unfortunately, it’s like looking at an Impressionist painting. It appears great from a distance, but up close, it’s all blurry. There are still a lot of ways your cell phone company could be ripping you off. Let’s take a look at what you need to know when it comes to your friendly neighborhood telephony dealers… More at AIRS.

Not convinced these practices are ‘scams’, but some of them are good to know.

3 thoughts on “Is your phone company scamming you?

  1. Is it me or is the first one just “your phone uses data, even when you are not holding it”? I.e. background collection of email, app refresh, and so on? Not a “scam”, even if unexpected, and nothing to do with the service provider either.

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