Today at Apple

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Don’t underestimate the power Apple has in terms of retail and the ability to instantly increase sales with events like this.

It is true that Samsung has some stores and so does Microsoft, but there is little competition in the whole package or pleasing stores, quality products and the ability to learn before you buy. It’s a huge advantage.

One thought on “Today at Apple

    In the USA, the main alternative (well, for phones) is gonna be try your luck at a much smaller local cell network rep, and sometimes they can be quite sharp, but it can be hit or miss. And that’s just for phones.

    Trying to think about other people doing similar… Microsoft has its fleet of Apple store clones, with Xbox, and Surface, but also a WHOLE lot of laptops from random companies. Apple has some accessories from 3rd parties (2nd parties?) but thats about it. I presume their “genius bar” contingent is decent, and sometimes they have Kinect stuff in the mall hallway as a draw.

    I guess I’ve seen Sony’s, and it’s like the opposite of Microsoft… too MUCH stuff. It’s hard to get excited about a brand when it’s making TVs and Vacuums and what not, and the end result is like going to a more stylish Best Buy with only one choice at every level.

    Not sure if Samsung covers all consumer products or not.

    I guess Genius Bar must be a big subsidized cost centers, but one that pays off in ways that are likely huge but not 100% easy to track.

    Also, Apple Stores are feasible because of Apple’s hardware/software distinctiveness. They were clearly a great place to get the only computers that run OSX (Microsoft was till recently-ish just software, hence the mishmash) They were clearly the best environment for the launch of iPods, and then iPhones. Sure you can get those devices other places, but those other places are more like vending machines…

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