TRIDO: better than LEGO?


TRIDO® is a set of Platonic solids with powerful magnets embedded on each side of the geometric shape. Each surface will snap to another, creating strong connections which allow users to create magnificent structures limited only by their own imaginations.

The potential combinations and creations are practically limitless.

We believe this magnetic construction toy will easily become a timeless classic for every age group… More here.

Nothing can beat the versatility of LEGO, but this does look very good and may be a better option for some.

One thought on “TRIDO: better than LEGO?

  1. LEGO is about the only game in town for making stuff that really LOOKS like real (or future- or pirate- 😉 world stuff. A a kid in the 80s, it was basically CAD (and back then there was a time when it was much easier to build cooler looking stuff than what was on the box… but since then, they’ve added enough special bricks, especially joints, and generally upped their game that I think it’s a bit intimidating… some of their mechs and spaceships with movements and slidey bits are super clever.)

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