Apple is shoring up Siri


Broadly speaking, the Lattice Data deal was an acquihire. Apple paid roughly $10 million for each of Lattice’s 20 engineers. This is generally considered to be fair market value. Google paid about $500 million for DeepMind back in 2014. At that time, the startup had roughly 75 employees, of which a portion were machine learning developers. Give or take a few million, the math pretty much works out. But beneath the surface, the deal signals that Apple is willing to spend significant capital shoring up the backbone of Siri… More at TC.

No doubt that Siri needs help, but more interesting in the above article is the price tech companies are willing to pay per engineer.

3 thoughts on “Apple is shoring up Siri

  1. Too bad the engineers didn’t get that money directly. Unless they got a bonus to remain with the company.

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