I am slave to Apple Watch no more

Photo 30-04-2017, 13 52 02

I feel free! Gone are the nagging alerts — and I had them barreled down to a minimum of approved services: Some for breaking news; emails from a half-dozen people; and text messages. Among this still seeming torrent, the Activity app annoyed with congratulatory badges and prompts that one of the four main exercise goals (Calories, Exercise Time, Stands, and Steps) — Apple’s athletic lifestyle version of the four food groups — would soon be achieved. The badges are about as infantile as gold stars that teachers give kindergarteners and with similar purpose: To make the recipient feel good, whether or not deserved. The achievement badge for Earth Day flipped my goat. Seriously? I ordered the Iconik 3 that evening… More at betanews.

An interesting perspective, but one that is easy to have in the early stages. I suspect if I dropped the Apple Watch today I would be perfectly happy as well, but the same could be said for many products I use.

One thought on “I am slave to Apple Watch no more

  1. As we’ve discussed, most of these products are conveniences. The question is how convenient. For example, do you have to wear a watch? Any watch? Do you need to know the time right now? How about that smart phone? Do you really need to be that connected? And on and on. Many things aren’t needed for survival but they make life more enjoyable. And these days, make life more connected. We used to live in small groups where you knew everyone and could see them by walking for 5 minutes. Today, the only way that happens is via technology.

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