The Nokia 3310: a perfect Summer phone?


Beyond the retro gimmicks, this is the real winner in Nokia’s stable. Swaggering in like a Kindle, the new Nokia 3310’s 1200mAh battery promises month-long power on a single charge thanks to the lower spec.

Festival-goers are an obvious target, and the phone is durable enough to face a drop without fear of cracking your screen or being hit with a sizeable repair bill.

A slight to change to the original comes in the form of charging, though – the new 3310 doesn’t bother you with new take on the proprietary charger, using the widely used MicroUSB port so you can charge and back-up with a cable lying around the house… More at Digital Spy.

It is obviously not going to set the tech world alight, but there is some logic here. For long Summer days or festivals or times when you are doing things and want to truly enjoy the moment, it may have a place.

One thought on “The Nokia 3310: a perfect Summer phone?

  1. I get it, but it isn’t for me. When I want “to enjoy the moment” I leave my phone in my pocket, and I prefer an external battery if or when I need extended battery life, though being in the moment and using it less does kinda solve the battery problem to some extend as well I suppose! Even at my daughter’s school concerts for example, I either just watch it, or I take a couple of pics and maybe a short video snippet of it. I found I was really missing it altogether if I was stuck behind the phone all the time.

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